Hearty gift ideas for delightful darlings

Hearty gift ideas for delightful darlings

"Wrap your delightful darling in the warm glow of compliments this gift-giving season. By simply framing their face with flower buds studs to complement their razor-sharp wit, Art Deco robot-in-love energy, or Aronui. Here's the lowdown on large-format bling—offerings to the goddess of gifting. Fill your eyeballs, generous hearts, and credit card limits with some of our most popular earrings"

 Pohutukawa blood brother studs :

These studs have a vampericness to them, i think they look like the silhouette of a bat roosting in the rafters of a gothic cathedral or on the arches of your darling's earlobe. They are the most delicate of my bold boss bitch, empress earrings's they are as light as a pohutukawa stamen but still pack a theatrical punch, because even my smallest earring isn't that small at all. 


Amaze maze earrings 


The Amaze Maze earrings, give me robot in love energy, they give circuit boards for your invisible VR head set, they give me timeless elegance in a sporty kind of way. They are an unsolvable maze!! but you'll never feel boxed in wearing them, They are super styling elegance. 


Aronui Earrings 

Aronui, Means 'to desire' in te reo, and although these seem like a simple drop earring they are perfect for every day elegant work wear, which easily transition to a special occasion. You only need take them off for wash time and bed, how desirable is that.  

Anatomical heart studs 

These are a hearty gift idea in every sense of the word. Hand sculpted by me in all there anatomic glory and meant to be given with love as well as be worn with love. 


And let us not forget the perfect gift for a fastidious Deity, the choose of choosing for them selves, off cause. So here we have the mighty Banshee the Valkyrie giftcard.

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