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Goody Goody Seraphim Earrings

Goody Goody Seraphim Earrings

The Goody Goody Seraphim earrings, are divine in there femininity, they are angelic rays of sunshine, or the straight shooting Artemis on a sunny day. These earrings are inspired by the bold lines of the art deco movement in the 1920's and 30's, which in its self was inspired by the art of Africa, the first nation civilizations of the America's, and the pacific to name a few of its progenitors. Think films like 'the Great Gatsby' or "the Grand Budapest hotel.

My lazer cut brass earrings with sterling silver hooks will be ready to ship with-in a week. Or you can go the full Monty with decadent Sterling Silver, or the bling of 9ct Gold, these options are available, but will be hand-cut by me the Valkyrie herself so may take a few weeks or up to a month till they will be sent out.

if your interested in any other metals 10ct , 14ct or 18ct of yellow, rose and white gold please feel free to send me a message.

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